You've reached my corner of the internet.

Hi, I'm Jana. I enjoy doing several things like coding, learning "human" languages, running and boxing.

The "coding" bit

I've been doing that since 2011 when I came across programming early on in my MSc degree in Sweden. The MSc degree ended up being a conglomerate of genetics, mathematics and programming courses :)

After that and in 2014, I moved to the United Kindom for work and now it's my base. Here's a list of places I worked at: Wellcome Sanger Institute, illumina and Citrix.

I'm now working as a freelancer. Exploring new skills, building stuff and looking for my next adventure.

The "human languages" bit

I grew up speaking Arabic and English. While I was in Sweden, I learned Swedish because, why not?..

It was then that I gradually discovered that learning languages is actually so interesting! So I decided to learn some more. I picked up French (again) since it was already around in my family growing up.

Now speaking 4 languages to a varying extent, my next goal is Mandarin :)

There's something interesting about travelling to a few countries during the year while speaking their local languages.

The "sports" bit

A number of sports have left an impact on me and by that I mean I got a bit obsessed with them hehe. That's basketball, boxing and running.

Currently and after an injury, I'm working on beating my previous 5k PB of 26:27 minutes.

Bouldering is something I'm curious about and would like to try next.

That's it... Here are some of my links:

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